Monday, March 27, 2017

Inner City Living - Houston, Texas

Saturday morning, March 25, 2017, a photo group I belong to set out to photography a very eclectic neighborhood in downtown Houston.  I loved the area, a mixture of old, new, decay, growth and beauty.  You judge for yourself.
Inner City 1

Inner City 2

Inner City 3

Inner City 4

Friday, March 24, 2017

Aly O'Brien
Last night I attended a Photo Walk workshop lead by Jason Lanier.  It was a three hour workshop and he had three beautiful models to pose for the 15 photographers that participated in the event.  Here are the three models.  It was fun, I learned a lot and got to meet photographers I didn't know before.
Jordan Dulaney

Carolyn Knepper

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sugar Land Exploration

Yesterday I was able to photograph wildlife in Sugar Land, Texas.  These are a few of the animals I was able to capture in my camera.  The little frog was made the facebook page of a group called Color in Life Photography.  It will probably be there only a day or two, but it's an honor to have this photo chosen to represent the group, even for a couple of days.  The other posted photos will be identified under there respective post.  Click on the photo to see it larger.  You can see all the texture on the frog.
Tree Frog

Anhinga Drying it's Wings

American Coot

Monday, March 20, 2017

Flowers of Spring in Texas

The flowers in Texas are really making our roadways and open fields an explosion of color.  I am always traveling with my camera now.  Either going to client's offices or out on a field trip by myself or with other photographers, I am always looking for the to see something beautiful to take a minute to photograph and appreciate the moment.
Flower of The Woodlands

Blue Bonnet

50mm Macro at Work


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Around Houston

     Well, hello everyone that has received my friendship card, come to the blog site and seen old photos from my Trip to Greece....Ancient history (in more ways an one).  So I'm going to start posting things that I have put on my Facebook page that you may not have seen because you either don't know to look for me there, your not on Facebook, or you absolutely hate Facebook.  So here we go.
     Yesterday a group I belong to were out taking photographers around Houston, Texas practicing taking panorama pictures.  I have a camera that does all the stitching while you take the picture and, whal-la, you have your panorama photo.
    Since others were taking multi photos (and they will turn out better than mine), I was having fun snapping other "stuff".  So....March 18, 2017, in and around Houston, Texas.  Be sure and click on the photo to see it in large format.
Fire Station 16

Sam Houston @ Sam Houston Park

Self Portait

Exxon Building Pan

Sam Houston Circle

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Rhodes Harbor May 18, 2016

An interesting thing happened when our ship arrived at Rhodes.  I had not set my camera time clock to the local time zone.  It was still on Houston Texas time.  My camera record of pictures taken on Rhodes straddles two days.  Note to self!
Use the local time and date!  The tour spent an entire day on Rhodes.  Part of it was a guided tours and the whole afternoon was self guided.  It was a wonderful opportunity to, first get acquainted with the island and it's history.  And then, after some suggested locations to visit, exploring on my own.  Since there is so much to record, I'm going to break it down into several different posts.  This one is of the harbor.  It was a wonderfully windy, clear day.  And to wake up to a tugboat right outside my porthole, I knew I was in for another adventure.
Harbor Tugboat

Rhodes Harbor Lighthouse


Fishermen at the Old Harbor

Harbor Clock Tower
Rhodes Harbor Old & New

Rhodes Old Wall Detail

Monday, June 13, 2016

Leaving Patmos

The beauty around Patmos, was amazing.  Maybe it was because we arrived later in the afternoon and into the evening.  But the light was perfect for photography. We were told that there are only red poppies growing in Greece.  Isn't that interesting.  And we learned that all these islands used the windmills to grind the local grain.  As we snaked down the road back to the harbor, our guide pointed down into a curve in the road below us, and amount the dense trees was a very small, white "chapel".  It is supposed to be where St John baptized some of the earliest Christians.  I was able to take only one picture as we drove by.  Finally, boarding one of the last launches leaving the harbor, I took this photo as we came along side the ship.
Poppies of Patmos

Windmills overlooking Patmos

St John Baptized early Christians

Leaving Patmos