Friday, June 2, 2017

Franklin & Duncan AZ

I love the "Blue Highways".  They are the roads no one travels except for the locals and the crazy old folks that remember what it used to be like traveling across America in "the old days" before the Interstate system.  These are roads are GOOD roads taking you out into the heart of any state's un-seen beauty.  I got off I-10 just west of Lordsburg, NM on Highway 70 toward Globe AZ.  Two little towns that barely make it on to any map are Franklin and Duncan.  Two more "have to turn around" photo shoots are posted here.  What a wonder and surprise.  Take the back roads folks!  You will not be disappointed.  SOCC (Straight out of the camera).
Franklin Stone House

Duncan Bakery

Tucson May 2017

Over Memorial Day weekend I went to visit my Dad in Tucson,  AZ to celebrate his 94th birthday.  Of course I drove, doing my normal sprint the first day (getting across Texas is an all day affair) and then a meander across New Mexico and Arizona, rolling into Tucson in mid-afternoon on the second day of travel.  I took plenty of photos so the next couple of posts will be in no particular order or tie together with any real cohesion.  So here we go.  Along the highway west of Deming I did the famous screeching stop to photograph this Vista with Trees.
This was in such an desolate area and yet it was "civilized" by the windmill, tank and trees.
Along the Morning Highway

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Houston Cistern

Deceivingly Bright Entrance
West Wall View 
Sunday I joined the HCP on a field trip to a very historic place in Houston.  We were 17 photographers going into the old Houston Cistern.  We had an hour to photograph to our hearts content.  Well, in a cistern there is not a lot to see and you starting getting REAL creative, looking for something, anything, to photograph.  The staff was very organized, moving the group from wall to wall so that "people" were not in our captures.  We started out in awe!!  Then, as a photographer, you had to become more and more creative to get something besides columns and dark water.  Here are six photos as I progressed around the 4 walls.  First the entrance!
South Wall Walk Way

South Wall Exit Ladder
East Wall Ceiling & Post

West Wall Stairway to the Pool

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Friday evening Barbara, Saundra and I went into Houston to work on our sunset and on-camera flash skills.  We were standing on a bridge when a drone came over in front of us, wagging its "wings", moving around and then taking direction from Saundra to move into our pictures.  We finally spotted the pilot and waved at him over by the skate park.  In a few minutes the drone was right behind us!  WHAT?  Then we realized that Pedro, the pilot, was standing right next to us.  It was really a cool experience that added joy and fun to our photo shoot.  Thank you Pedro.
First Sighting - Drone at Dusk

Hovering before Liftoff

Pedro - Our Pilot for the Evening

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Mission San Jose: San Antonio, Texas

San Jose Mission is beautiful!  The "layers" of arches makes it particularly interesting, and a challenge, to photograph.  We had a cloudy, early morning, sunrise field trip.  I like focusing on the skies for sunrise and sunset pictures.  But, really there was nothing really there.  That doesn't mean that I don't have other options.  Here are a few attempts to save the early rise and shine.
Arches in Silhouette

 Dismal Sunrise

Arch Upon Arch Upon Arch

Potted Plant

Grain Mill

Monday, April 3, 2017

San Antonio Mission Field Trip

March 31-April 2, 2017 I went to San Antonio, Texas for a photo field trip to see and take pictures in and around the missions.  Here are three completely different takes on three completely different missions.
Light Show at San Fernando Cathedral

Reflections at Mission Concepcion
San Jose Mission at Sunrise

Monday, March 27, 2017

Inner City Living - Houston, Texas

Saturday morning, March 25, 2017, a photo group I belong to set out to photography a very eclectic neighborhood in downtown Houston.  I loved the area, a mixture of old, new, decay, growth and beauty.  You judge for yourself.
Inner City 1

Inner City 2

Inner City 3

Inner City 4